The Farm Shop at Lowden

Dedicated to great food

Seasonal • Local • Fresh

Food is at its best when it is in season, and throughout the year, the farm shop is bursting at the seams with fabulous local fresh fruit and vegetables.
At Lowden we work in partnership with nearby fruit and vegetable farms, committed to supporting local producers and suppliers. The fruit and veg are not only things of beauty, but are always fresh, succulent and full of flavour.

You will find everything you need for your larder, from local jams and Wiltshire Honey to wholesome pickles and chutneys.
With the great selection of milk, cheese, and yogurt from Somerset Dairies, and fresh bread arrives daily from the fantastic Hobbs House Bakery. You'll find everything you need at Lowden Farm Shop.
We also have a fabulous range of home-made goods, ranging from delicious cakes to quiches and sausage rolls, all made down in the restaurant.

The Butchers

The Farm Shop centres around our fantastic Butchers. All of the meat is locally sourced, with the focus on quality rather than quantity!

The Eco Bit

In the Farm Shop we believe that it is our responsibility to be as environmentally conscious as possible - it's another thing that we believe sets us apart from the big boys!

We've made the decision to remove all plastic bags from the whole of Lowden where possible- not only the Farm Shop.

We use paper bags in the Butchery that fully seal and are freezer ready.

We've also recently introduced fully compostable Deli Pots that are absolutely fantastic. They're made of a plant based alternative to plastic and we love them!

Alongside these changes, over the past couple of years we've invested heavily in renewable energy. Our entire heating is generated with an on-site Biomass Boiler, and our refrigeration is powered by our own Solar Field hidden at the back of the Garden Centre.