The Butchery at Lowden

We are incredibly proud of the butchery department at Lowden. From the start, the priority has always been to provide high quality meat, sourced as locally as possible.

All of our sausages, faggots and burgers are made in house. We have recently made the decision to change all of our sausage recipes, taking them back to basics with natural ingredients. The best part is, this has made them naturally gluten free!


Seasonality is also very important to us in the butchers, we work hard to provide everything you need throughout the year. From homemade marinated meats in the Summer, to all manner of Festive meats in the winter. If you have any special requests, or want a large joint for a party, just pop in and have a chat with one of the butchers, and they will do their best to cater to your needs! 

Alternatively, use the contact form here to get in touch with any requests.



Our Beef is sourced from Great Ashley Farm, just outside Bradford-on-Avon, and is certainly the best we've ever tasted!

Their herd of cattle are Sussex X. This traditional cattle breed is one of England’s oldest native breeds. The breed is slow-grown, often taking up to 30 months to mature and thrives on being fed natural fresh grass, silage (fermented grass) and hay (dried grass).

During the winter months they are loose housed and bedded down on barley straw which is more comfortable than wheat straw. They are kept together as a herd right until they are finished and encouraged to exhibit natural behavior at all times through farming methods and handling. It is of paramount importance that their welfare is the top priority.

All of our beef is hung for at least 28 days, ensuring that it really is of the highest possible quality. A select few exceptional cuts are then placed into our Dry-Aging cabinet for further maturation. This adds an extra depth of flavour to the beef and makes for a real show stopping piece of meat.


At Lowden we source our Lamb from Manor Farm in the Swainswick valley (just outside Bath). The lambs are reared extensively with their welfare being the priority. 

The lambs themselves are English Mules and Mule x Lleyn ewes, which are crossed with Texel or Suffolk rams.


The quality and taste of the meat is absolutely fantastic, it really is worth a try!